Not Your Typical August


During August, everyone wants to leave Central Texas for good reason: it’s just too doggone hot. Like many other Austinites, I went out of town for much of the month. When I left in early August, daytime highs were around 100°F. So I was very glad to return home last week to much cooler, rainy weather.

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Ready for the 4th: 2015


Downtown Austin is getting ready for tonight’s Austin Symphony concert and fireworks over Lady Bird Lake. Tens of thousands are expected to attend. Over the past two days, the stage in front of the Long Center was assembled, fences were erected, and porta potties were delivered. We spotted the first spectator blanket at noon today (red arrow above). These hardy folks have positioned themselves so that they can watch the concert and then turn around to view the fireworks. It’s an excellent location.

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The Paramount Summer Classic Film Series: 2014


When the Austin temperatures soar, Bill and I head for the dark and cool environs of The Paramount Theatre for their Summer Classic Film Series. Generally there are two “companion” movies on most summer evenings, with some daytime showings on weekends. Since a single admission covers both, we often end up staying for the second film after an earlier show.

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