Halloween, COVID-style

Halloween 2020 is certainly a strange one. With COVID counts going up again, there’s no big in-person events happening this weekend. Annual events like the Vida la Vida Fest and Polkapocalypse became live streams. Other popular activities, such as the German-Texas Heritage Society’s Oktoberfest, were simply cancelled. And to top it all off, there’s a full moon tonight.

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City-Wide Garage Sale: Spring 2016


Almost two years ago, I first posted a blog entry about the City-Wide Garage Sale.  At that time, I wrote, “A return visit is probably not in my future.” Well, I was wrong. Since then, I’ve returned several times to this big indoor yard sale over at the Palmer Events Center. I’ve never bought a single thing. But, it’s sure fun to look because you never know what might be there…

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