SXSW 2023: The Weird and the Cool

As is my tradition, I’m ending my SXSW 2023 series with a hodgepodge of my photos from the conference. First up is Disney’s working lightsaber that I mentioned in my March 10 2023 entry. This was definitely one of the coolest moments at the conference. Search YouTube for “disney lightsaber sxsw” to see it in action.

The Latest in Tech…

A tiny Tinkerbell live hologram, also from Disney

Huge holograms

Eveairmobility: Prototype for a flying taxi cab

Birdbuddy: “Smart Bird Feeder with bird arrival notifications and bird species recognition”

Paper Shoot: “eco-friendly digital camera that aspires to promote forward-thinking and creativity”

Gigantic Transformers at the Porsche House

Staying dry under the Water Arch

On the Unusual Side…

Backpacks with LED messages

Wehead: “3D head-shaped display transmitting anatomical head-movements”

Overstimulation at the Dolby House

Fake nuns in blue habits promoting the Mrs. Davis TV show

A musician with one guitar, one trombone, and two dogs

A virtual fast food order taker…real or computer-generated?

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One thought on “SXSW 2023: The Weird and the Cool

  1. Excited about the birdbuddy! Thanks so much for your overview.
    I have seen these backpacks- clever concept
    Want to hear more about the rest!

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