Cowboy Breakfast: 2015


Brrrrrrr…this year’s Cowboy Breakfast was a cold one! Friday morning’s temperature started out at a chilly 26 degrees. Even so, Bill and I bundled up in our parkas and headed over to the Long Center Terrace. After all, we wouldn’t want to miss a free breakfast.


This annual event publicizes the Texas Rodeo Austin, coming up later this month at the Travis County Fairgrounds. Friday’s breakfast attendance was lighter than usual. Perhaps folks don’t like to eat sausage wraps and pancakes with their gloves on.

I’ve attended these breakfasts for several years now, and each time I learn a little more about the exciting life of the cowboy…


Cowboys truly love their self-named Cowboy Coffee.


However, they must be careful about combining Cowboy Coffee with biscuits & gravy.


Cowboys are proud of their Longhorns, who don’t seem to mind the attention.


Cowboys also like to show off their big horses…


…and their little ones.


Cowboys are an imaginative bunch.

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