Cowboy Breakfast: 2013

IMG_7527The Cowboy Breakfast just keeps getting better and better every year. Once again this annual event was held at Auditorium Shores on the first Friday in March. The free breakfast publicizes the upcoming Star of Texas Rodeo Austin, which is held outside of downtown at the Travis County Expo Center in the second half of March.

Every year there is so much new to see and learn at the Cowboy Breakfast. Here’s what I learned this year:

IMG_7532Line dancing is fun, even at 8 AM in the morning with a lot of strangers watching.

IMG_7534Some cowboy hats require their own personal stand.

IMG_7547Cowboys bake the best biscuits in the world.

IMG_7529Cowboys like a lot of gravy on the aforementioned biscuits.

IMG_7537Cowboys practice their lassoing on children.

IMG_7548Cowboys love sausage…but I already knew that.

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