Cattle Drives


This week Bill and I attended a B Movies and Bad History discussion at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. This ongoing series strives to set the record straight about Texas history as depicted in the movies. During this week’s hour-long installment, we viewed clips from old Westerns interspersed with Cattle Drive insights from two UT professors: Don Graham (American and English Literature) and Tom Schatz (Radio/Television/Film).

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HAAM Benefit Day: 2016


Yesterday was HAAM Benefit Day, an annual fundraising day for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. HAAM is a non-profit that helps local musicians gain access to affordable healthcare services. Over 200 groups performed at various locations to raise awareness and much-needed funds. A long list of local businesses also contributed at least 5% of their receipts for the day.

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Austin Fall Home & Garden Show: 2016


Although this isn’t the correct season yet, we’ve already had an Austin Fall Home & Garden Show here. Bill and I decided to visit the show on Friday to avoid the weekend crowds. This was not the best plan. The Austin Convention Center was nearly empty, so we were accosted by numerous salespeople with offers to remodel our non-existent house. Most of the exhibitors seemed to ignore the word fall in their displays, which brought back fond summer vacation memories for me…

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Not Your Typical August


During August, everyone wants to leave Central Texas for good reason: it’s just too doggone hot. Like many other Austinites, I went out of town for much of the month. When I left in early August, daytime highs were around 100°F. So I was very glad to return home last week to much cooler, rainy weather.

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