Brick Rodeo: 2022

The 11th Brick Rodeo was held at the Renaissance Hotel in northwest Austin in July. This convention draws Lego lovers from all around the Lone Star State and beyond. While we didn’t attend the convention itself, Bill and I did buy tickets to visit the exhibition floor.

Many Lego enthusiasts belong to LUGs: Lego User Groups. LUGs meet regularly in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Killeen, and San Antonio. This huge display was created by a member of the Houston Brick Club.

Lego train lovers can join the Texas Brick Railroad club. We’ve seen their huge displays at other exhibitions. This woman told us that her whole family enjoys plans and constructs town scenes for the trains to travel

It always fun to see Texas scenes and landmarks. As a result of the last Brick Rodeo, a huge Lego model of the Texas State Capitol is on permanent display in the Capitol Visitors Center.

The trophies for MOCs (My Own Creations) were also on display. My photos of some of the award winners are posted below (with the award categories in boldface). You can see all of the 2022 winners on Brick Rodeo’s website.

Best In Show: Welcome to Fabuland by Steve Laughlin (much larger than this photo)

Space: Landing Alpha Centauri by Jeff Schroeder (under black light)

Screen Scenes AND Fan Favorite: Casa Madrigal by Bart Marable (my favorite, too)

Art – Mosaic: David Bowie Mosaic by Dr. Gregory Jonason (much larger than it looks here)

Life Size: Nailed It! by Ian Summers (those nails are so clever)

I really liked the realistic, life-size MOCs by Ian Summers. This one is titled Well, This Sucks.

Here’s The Retro Collection, also created by Ian Summers.

The next Brick Rodeo will be in Sugar Land during July 2023. In the meantime, an exhibit called No Limits: The Artistry of Bricks exhibit runs until September 3, 2022, at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art in Spring, Texas.

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