Please Hold It


On Saturday morning, Bill thoughtfully sent this photo while he was running on the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail. He suspected that I would be very interested in a Restroom Opening Ceremony. He knows me quite well!


I couldn’t get to the ceremony, so later that day I asked Bill to visit the new bathrooms with me. Walking a mile for this purpose might seem strange, but for months we’ve been keeping an eye on this small construction project as we sit in traffic on Cesar Chavez, waiting to get through the Lamar intersection. I was curious about the unusual design and wanted to take some pictures.

Here is what we found:


It was a Fake Restroom Opening! I can understand how this could happen, with city inspectors and schedules and delays and all. Clearly the good folks at The Trail Foundation tried to make the best of an awkward situation. But it was still pretty amusing.

Fortunately, a solution was nearby…

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