Bat Watching


Bat watching is one of Austin’s most unusual and most popular attractions. An estimated 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats—the world’s largest urban bat colony—live in the crevices underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge. Around sunset, the bats fly out en masse in search of food and return to the bridge before sunrise. The colony stays here from March through November and migrates to Mexico for the winter.

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Clean Lady Bird Lake


At March’s It’s My Park Day, I learned that non-profit Keep Austin Beautiful organizes periodic large-scale cleanups called Clean Lady Bird Lake. So this month I volunteered to pick up trash at Shoal Beach Metropolitan Park, where I had also worked in March. My motivation was two-fold: I use this section of the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail almost every day, and I knew that this area was underwater during the Memorial Day Flood.

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TS Bill


Last week Tropical Storm Bill formed in the Gulf of Mexico and slowly made its way through our state. The center of the storm went east of Austin, so we were grateful to be spared the worst of the wind and rain. Since our ground was still soaked from last month’s Memorial Day flood, some low-lying areas experienced flooding again. Local lake levels rose significantly, and our landscape became a healthy green again.

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Springtime for Austin


Since summer is, by far, the longest season in central Texas, we are very appreciative of relatively-short springs. Temperatures start getting warmer in mid-March and typically don’t become unbearable until June. This spring we are getting plenty of rain, although not always over the lakes which supply our water needs. Every little bit of moisture now helps during the hot summer months.

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