And Now for Some Bus News…

IMG_0473One of the perks of living in downtown Austin is being able to take advantage of the Capital Metro bus system. In my previous suburbanite life, I had never even stepped inside a CapMetro bus. But now I often take the 101 bus back-and-forth to UT, and I’ve found that the Airport Flyer is the easiest and cheapest connection to the airport. Currently the fares for the routes are $1.00 each, although an increase is pending.

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Dear USPS (Four Months Later)


Dear USPS:

It’s been four long months since you first notified me that the downtown post office was  leaving its convenient-to-me-is-all-that-matters location. A few weeks ago you moved to the first floor of an office building on Congress Avenue. The view from the street looks a little strange, but perhaps the empty, glassed-in front room will eventually be removed. I’m guessing you are not using this room because you didn’t like the lingering smell from the cigar shop that used to be there.

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