Bring on the Rain

A line of thunderstorms approached downtown Austin about 6:30 PM this evening. Bill and I watched as the dark clouds headed our way from the northwest suburbs.

Heavy rain mixed with some hail hit the downtown area for about an hour. Bill and I just sat on our couch and watched. Some of the lightning strikes were close by: I saw one bolt hit the top of the Austin American-Statesman building and another one strike the field at Auditorium Shores

By 8 PM the storm had moved south of downtown and we even saw a bit of a sunset. Temperatures had dropped from 93 to 73 during just one hour (brrrr!). That storm probably brought an inch or two of much-needed rain to central Texas and more precipitation is  forecast for the coming days…

One thought on “Bring on the Rain

  1. I watched those same clouds migrate all the way from Granite Shoals. We’ve had storms here the past three days. I watched the skies like I haven’t in a long time. I wonder if they are truly that interesting or if with the drought I’ve forgotten how rainstorms work. The colors of the sky when it approaches. And arrives.

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