The Blimp! The Blimp!


So far, 2014 has been quite a year for Austin. The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile has been here, not once, but twice. And now the MetLife Blimp has been flying overhead for the past few days. Apparently this blimp, named Snoopy Two, is waiting around for the Valero Texas Open golf tournament, which starts Thursday in San Antonio.

This morning Snoopy Two was hovering for a long time over Lady Bird Lake. I’m convinced that the crew saw me taking pictures and rotated the blimp around just for me. Bill thinks this is highly unlikely. In any case, a few of my many blimp photos taken from all angles are included with this entry.


I see the crew has posted a shot of Six Flags over Texas (in San Antonio) at #blimpstagram, so I expect those aerial photographs of Austin to be posted soon…


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