Hike and Bike Trail

Bill was very happy to hear this week that I LOVE living across the street from the Austin Hike and Bike Trail. This trail makes a ten-mile loop around Lady Bird Lake which separates downtown from South Austin. Most of the trail is packed-dirt/crushed-stone and easy to walk or ride on. The path is level, except for a few tiny upgrades, and more than wide enough for two-way traffic.

Round-trip from the Congress Avenue Bridge to the Roberta Crenshaw Pedestrian Walkway under the Mopac highway is over four miles. (Yes … that walkway has a name!) Often we just walk the shorter one-mile loop between the First Street Bridge and the Pfluger Bridge. This is also my running loop of choice.

Benches, gazebos, memorials and other interesting spots are scattered along the path. Restrooms and water fountains are located every-so-often. Run-Tex provides cold drinking water at two locations for thirsty runners, walkers and dogs. Much of the way is shaded during the summer months. And of course the lake views are great.

Friendly park rangers patrol the area on bikes during the daylight hours.There are very few lights so I wouldn’t want to use the trail after dark. But the sidewalks across the First Street bridge are well-lit so I feel very safe walking back by myself from concerts over at the Long Center.

Bill and I walk on the Hike and Bike Trail almost every day. If you come downtown for a walk, give us a call!

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