Austin Marathon

The Austin Marathon wound through the streets of Austin this morning. Over 20,000 runners participated in either the marathon or the half-marathon. A separate 5K race took a completely different route. Temperatures were around 60 degrees … my favorite running temperature, but too warm for real runners

The race route went by our downtown apartment building … twice. The race started 
up near the Texas Capitol and headed into South Austin over the Congress Avenue bridge. Bill and I watched near City Hall for a while and then headed upstairs for a quick breakfast. 

After running a good six miles or so in South Austin (down to Ben White Boulevard), the runners headed back across Lady Bird Lake over the First Street Bridge. By this time, Bill and I had finished our cereal and were back at the bridge to watch the leaders come across. The crowd went wild when the pace truck announced that a local elite runner, Keith Pierce, was in the lead. Keith had won the 2010 Austin Marathon.

Livestrong sponsored this year’s race. Lance Armstrong ran the half-marathon but I was not quick enough to get a good photo as he went by. Bill spotted former Austin mayor Kirk Watson but neither of us saw Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was reported to be running as well.

Bill had to leave early so I went up by myself to the finish line near Congress Avenue and Eighth Street. Our mayor Lee Leffingwell and our congressman Lloyd Doggett held the tape as Keith Pierce crossed the finish line. His time was 2:29. Desiree Ficker led the women’s field with 2:50. Some of you may have heard that a few years ago, Pat and I didn’t want to let Desiree register for the Capitol of Texas Triathlon because she hadn’t brought her license to her autograph signing. At her entourage’s urging, we did relent. Hopefully she won’t remember that little incident if we ever get to meet her again.

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