Praying for Rain

Central Texas is suffering from an Exceptional Drought. According to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), we have just completed the driest 10-month period since Texas began keeping records in 1895. A New York Times editorial this week noted that Texas has received less than half its average rainfall this year. 

Little rain with high temperatures have made for a brutal summer. Sometime this week we will break the previous record of 69 days of 100+ temperatures (set in 2009). But Austinites are trying to stay optimistic.

We were hopeful when dark clouds gathered over downtown Austin one evening this week. But alas…no rain.  

The downtown sky looked threatening during this week’s Concert in the Park. Several times the announcer for the brass quintet said that he would be thrilled if the concert was rained out. Each time the audience nodded their heads in agreement and turned around to look at the clouds above the city skyline. Once again…no rain.

The little people over at Compass Learning are looking very optimistic. Their raincoats might be melting in the brutal sun, but they are certainly not getting wet.

Along with many churches and synagogues in the area, my congregation has been praying for rain all summer. Our choir is singing “Let It Rain” this Sunday…perhaps this will help?

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