Dog Days

Another guest blog entry…

I live in an apartment building in downtown Austin. I think there might be more dogs than people living in my building. I ride up and down on the elevators with my owner or with the professional dog walker who lives on another floor here. I like to meet everyone on the elevator, especially people who are afraid of me. Sometimes I growl at other dogs in the lobby and have to wait for another elevator instead. But I try to behave when the jar of treats is out on the front desk.

Usually I just go to the little park across the street to “do my”business.” Based on the  elevator talk, my schedule seems typical: my first outdoor trip each day is around 6 AM and my last one is around 10 PM. My owner is conscientious and always uses Mutt Mitts.

But just in case, the City of Austin has posted a big reminder.

In the evenings my owner takes me across the bridge to Auditorium Shores. I love running free with the pack and making joggers and cyclists swerve to avoid me. I also like jumping into Lady Bird Lake to retrieve sticks and tennis balls. But the best part is shaking and getting everyone wet when I get out of the water!

On weekends I run on the Hike-and-Bike Trail with my owner. We both get a good workout. The summers are hot here but there are lots of water fountains along the way.

Some of my neighbors are getting old and need to be pushed in strollers. I’m pretty sure the bulldog in my building is just lazy though. 

Our neighborhood has an entire store dedicated to dogs. Lofty Dog sponsors “Poochinis and Peticures” on the last Thursday of each month. “Barkitecture 2011” is coming up on October 1. I am still dreaming about the designer doghouses from last year’s Barkitecture!

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