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Bill and I are Austin Music People.  No, no…this isn’t because we are going to more concerts since living downtown. This is because we attended last week’s Austin Music People (AMP) Launch Party and so we are now officially AMP members.

The mission of this newly-formed organization is to protect and grow Austin’s music culture. After all, Austin has a reputation to maintain as Live Music Capital of the World. AMP got off to a good start with this concert!

Alejandro Escovedo

Here was the line-up…all with local ties: 

  • The Bright Light Social Hour: Getting a lot of buzz around Austin these days. We liked them.
  • The Coveters: We were so-so on this band from local club Momo’s.
  • Bavu Blakes: Bill and I were not sure what to expect from this hip-hop artist but he was great!
  • Brownout!: I must confess that we missed this band. When we saw that the concert was going to last until the wee hours, we ran back to the apartment for a few minutes. Living one block from ACL-Live at the Moody Theatre has its benefits.
  • Alejandro Escovedo: Excellent as always. He’s a great guitarist.
  • Court Yard Hounds: Two-thirds of the Dixie Chicks (sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison). This was why I went. I was not disappointed. Love those vocals!
  • Blue October: Good, but not our favorite.
  • Ghostland Observatory: This is why Bill went. He was not disappointed. Just two guys, lots of energy and a great light show.
Court Yard Hounds

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