Play Me, I’m Yours

Downtown Austin’s already-high Cool Factor increased this week with the start of Play Me, I’m Yours. The public is invited to play, as well as decorate, the 14 pianos which are scattered around downtown.

Play Me, I’m Yours is part of an “international tour” by artist Luke Jerram. The pianos will be around Austin for the month of April and are the talk of the town!

A piano with a view on the terrace at the Long Center. 

A photo of a photo shoot on the Pfluger Bridge.

Another piano with a view at Lou Neff Point near Barton Springs. 

These street guys under the gazebo at Auditorium Shores told us that people are playing the pianos in the middle of the night.


This was my favorite piano to play, up on Doug Sahm Hill near the Palmer Events Center. 

Someone has thoughtfully provided music for this piano on the First Street Bridge

Outside the W (hotel) and the entrance to the ACL-Live Theatre. I went back later to take another photo and the security guard told me that I needed a permit to take any photographs on the W property!



Someone is usually playing this piano that we can see from our apartment.

On the stairs at City Hall. I saw the piano being moved (via dolly) onto the Pfluger Bridge but wonder how they got some of the other ones into place.

That’s me playing near the Pfluger Bridge. 

Most of these pianos are not under a roof, so tarps are attached to the backs in case of rain. “Piano Buddies” are assigned to keep an eye on a piano and try to cover it if needed. I volunteered to do this but didn’t hear back so I assume the pianos all have their buddies!

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