Trailer Food: Second and Congress

Food trailers and trucks are extremely popular in Austin. There are “trailer courts” all over the place, including on South Congress, South First, and up near the University of Texas. Several web sites are dedicated to Austin’s trailer scene, such as,, or
Bill and I don’t have to go far for a trailer food fix: our neighborhood has a trailer court in the parking lot at Second and Congress. Most of these trailers serve the downtown office crowd and are only open on weekdays.

Turf N Surf Po’ Boys is my favorite of the bunch. Their large selection of Po’ Boys are also available as two soft tacos instead. Bill usually orders the Blackened Shrimp Po’ Boy. I love their Blackened Chicken in tacos. This trailer is also open on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Chi’Lantro Korean BBQ Tacos truck travels around Austin but often parks in our neighborhood lot. This cuisine melds “Korean tastes and tradition with Texas’ rich Hispanic culture.” I couldn’t quite imagine this combination, but it is an interesting and unique mixture for tacos and burritos. 


Kebabalicious advertises “turkish style wraps.” Their Falafel Wraps and Lamb Wraps taste as good as they smell.

Snap is a remote outpost of Snap Kitchen on Sixth Street, featuring healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Their Quinoa Muesli is delicious, with bits of raisins, cranberries and apples mixed in.


One other trailer is parked on the lot, Patika Coffee, but I can’t comment on this one since we have no coffee drinkers in our household!

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  1. The guy at Turf n Surf tells me their cheeseburgers are awesome too but I have not tried them yet. And on Friday and Saturday their ‘evening’ goes until after 2:00 AM when the bars close although we tend to eat there much earlier 🙂

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