Zilker Kite Festival: 2016

JC20160306_1210Normally, Austinites don’t like overcast, windy days, but that turned out to be  perfect weather for the Zilker Kite Festival. Begun in 1929, this is the longest continuously running kite festival in the US. It’s been held in Zilker Park since 1936.


Demonstrations and competitions took place on a large, roped-off section of the park. Prizes were awarded for homemade, single-line kites in categories such as Strongest Pulling Kite, Highest Angle Kite, and Steadiest Kite.


Local weatherman Jim Spencer was a host for the competition and handed out trophies.


The Smallest Kite contest had about ten entries. This one (circled above) was, by far, the smallest kite. Alas…it did not win because it did not fly.


With so many kites in the sky, strings inevitably got tangled…

JC20160306_1191…and some flights did not end so well.


Not to worry—local grocer H-E-B provided free kites in case of kite-eating trees or forgetful parents.

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