And so I begged Bill to accompany me to the 12th annual Wafflefest 2013 at The Hideout Theatre. Many times I’ve walked by the storefront on Congress Avenue, but I’d never been inside. (Bill had been there for snacks and SXSW shows.) The front part of the building is a coffeeshop. One theater is towards the back, and another smaller theater is upstairs.


The Hideout offers improvisation shows and classes. We attended the early show in their upstairs theater and saw three groups: Local Genius Society, Do You Still Want to Do This?,  and The Amazon and the Milksop. (Apparently improv troupe names must be unusual.) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the performers were clever and funny. The skits were generally PG-13 material, although their website warns that the evening shows are for adults and not for children.


So you may be wondering about the waffles. They smelled and tasted delicious. I smothered mine in strawberries and whipped cream, and called it supper.


Bill went the dessert route with lots of chocolate. Waffles and improv go together well!


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