Pecan Street Festival: Spring 2015


First weekend in May? It must be time for the Pecan Street Festival!

Twice a year, in May and September, the Pecan Street Festival takes over historic Sixth Street (formerly known as Pecan Street, when Austin’s downtown streets were named for native trees). This is the largest arts festival in the area and it’s completely free. Many of the same vendors are in the same spot each time, but that’s part of the festival’s charm. I enjoy seeing their new items (particularly for artists), and also searching for new vendors.

Here’s a sampling of the unique items for sale at this spring’s festival:


Yoga pants (proving that tie-dye looks better on bandanas)


Fairy costumes


Doggie costumes


Doggie jewelry


Doggie yard art


Kitschy vases


Another use for antlers: bottle openers


Poetry on-the-go

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