Austin Ice Cream Festival: 2014


The Austin Ice Cream Festival definitely wins my vote for “Most Appropriate Festival for the Month of August.” This was a perfect outdoor activity for a 100-degree day in Austin. For a $10 admission, Bill and I each received three tickets for ice cream samples plus some other sweet treats. Since children under 8 were admitted free, this event was popular with families.

We had learned a few valuable lessons after attending last year’s festival. Even though we don’t habitually eat ice cream at 10:45 AM, we knew to arrive early to avoid the crowds. We got in line for the popular booths first. And most importantly, we drove our car to Fiesta Gardens instead of walking. With plenty of parking nearby, there was no need to torture ourselves with the four-miles-round-trip trek from downtown.

But, we have some lingering questions about this year’s Austin Ice Cream Festival…


Are Blue Bell Mini Rainbows really considered ice cream?


 Which is better: Amy’s Ice Cream


… or The Melting Cone?

DSC02364Does The Melting Cone have the coolest truck ever?

DSC02367Could we learn to love dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan ice cream?


Was a ride that spins upside-down appropriate for an ice cream festival?

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