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For 18 long months, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on South Lamar has been closed. Their previous building was part of an old decrepit shopping center which was razed and is being rebuilt as a mixed-used project called Lamar Union. Most of the site is still under construction. Only the movie theater, The HighBall nightclub, and the adjacent parking garage are finished.

IMG_1159As a frequent patron, Bill and a guest (yours truly) were invited to attend the “soft” opening last week. The new building has nine screens and, like all Alamos, food and drinks are served by a wait staff during the show. The lobby is reminiscent of the old one, with spaceships suspended from the ceiling, but the space is much larger and has a wall mural/photo background (and trike) from The Shining.


Since we had arrived early, Bill and I also checked out The Highball next door. Their main room is spacious with comfortable seating and a decent-sized stage in front. Planks from their old bowling alleys have now been re-purposed as the dance floor. The new place still has private karaoke rooms available for rent.


Bill and I saw a French romantic comedy called Mood Indigo. If you like to watch couples flying around Paris in bubble-cloud vehicles without floors that are lifted by cranes, then this is the movie for you. In any case, the theater opened to the general public this weekend. It’s good to have the Alamo South Lamar back in business!

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