After I wrote about the new Fairmont Austin and its skyway to the Austin Convention Center, I wondered: how many skyways does Austin have? Time to investigate…

A new skyway is being constructed between the Hilton Austin and the north side of the Convention Center. (Maybe Hilton thought the Fairmont skyway was not fair?) It looks like stairs and/or a ramp up there. I’ve also read that a proposed expansion may include skybridges from the Convention Center back to itself. 

A skyway connects the new Dell Seton Medical Center with its parking garage on the other side of 15th Street.

This skyway over Lavaca Street connects the Chase Tower with their parking garage. Since that tower opened in 1974, I suspect this is the oldest skyway in Austin. East 9th Street used to run under the Federal office buildings, but the street was closed after September 11th, so I’m not including that structure.

I know of two other Austin skyways, both on the UT campus. One goes over Dean Keaton and connects the UT School of Communication buildings. The other connects the McCombs School of Business with the University Teaching Center.

So, my skyway count is six. Are there any others in town?

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