SxSW: March 8 2014

sxsw Mar 7i

Today I skipped the big SxSW Interactive interview with Julian Assange to watch two SxSW movies. The first was No No: A Dockumentary about Dock Ellis, a baseball pitcher who started with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1968. One of the SxSW founders, Louis Black (above), introduced the screening.

sxsw Mar 8bThe second film was Born to Fly, about Elizabeth Streb and the Streb Extreme Action Company. SxSW Film Director, Janet Pearson, spoke with the movie’s director, Catherine Gund.


Notesketch for The Robot Revolution talk by Carl Bass. What you’ve heard is true. Robots are taking over the world.

sxsw Mar 7kLunch.

sxsw Mar 8eSix Degrees of Kevin Bacon 20 Years On, complete with Kevin Bacon, Brian Turtle (one of the guys who came up with the idea 20 years ago),  and a few others. Instead of Q&A, audience members got up and gave their Bacon number. Lowest was 0…another person named Kevin Bacon who is a music producer.

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