SxSW: March 7 2014

sxsw Mar 7c

 South by Southwest is in full swing now. SxSW Interactive and SxSW Film have started and downtown Austin is buzzing. People are everywhere and traffic is a mess. Food trailers are only exceeded by pedicabs and, of course, conference attendees.

Throughout the conference, I’m going to try to post entries with photos and just short descriptions. Here’s the what I did on my first day of SxSW…


My first session: Lean UX: Applying Lean Methods to Improve UX, a book reading by author Jeff Gothelf. Amazingly crowded, considering the topic.

DSC01073Local geek, Austin Kleon. Show Your Work and also Newspaper Blackout poet.

DSC01084Image Think notesketch from Austin Kleon’s talk. Fun to watch artists creating these during the Interactive presentations.


World premiere of the movie Chef at the Paramount Theatre. Partially filmed in Austin, mostly on South Congress. Audience loved it. Directed, written by, and stars Jon Favreau.


Screening of the first episode of the TV revival of Cosmos. Followed by Q&A including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan, writer of this and the original series (and also Carl Sagan’s third wife).


Another sighting of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

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