SxSW: March 10 2014

 sxsw Mar 10a

The SxSW Interactive organizers would probably say that Privacy was today’s overarching theme, due to the much-publicized interview with Edward Snowden. Instead of waiting in a long line to get into the main ballroom to see the interviewers, I decided to go to a satellite room that was simulcasting the session. There were still hundreds who gathered in this smaller room to listen. Now I thought the interview was interesting and all, but Free Food was clearly the theme of my day…


Stopped for a pre-lunch snack at the IBM Cognitive Cooking trailer. The Watson computer seems to be creating its own recipes. This was a tasty pudding with figs.


Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street has now turned into the Funny or Die Clubhouse. At lunchtime, we crashed a FUSE party that was launching a new program called Billy on the Street with comedian Billy Street.

DSC01169The FUSE party proved there is such a thing as a free lunch.

sxsw Mar 10d

I attended the Dive into Social Media Analytics session…but it was too deep a dive for someone who is on vacation this week.

sxsw Mar 10c

Snack Time! Some company was giving out free ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus.


The Hold Steady at the Mohawk. One of their many SxSW appearances this week.


Closed out the day with Doc of the Dead, a documentary about zombie movies. An interesting film, but didn’t make me a fan of the genre.

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  1. I hate say it, but I think you might have left off some eating opportunities 😉 And no picture of the shredded Duck Sandwich 🙂

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