Fareground is a new food hall in the center of downtown Austin. The indoor atrium and outdoor plaza at the One Eleven Congress office building has been under construction for over a year. The grand opening was finally held last weekend.

A new ramp leads from Congress Avenue down to the below-ground plaza. Fareground can also be reached by elevators and escalators inside the office tower.

The outdoor plaza looks more inviting now. More tables and outdoor seating have been added. The cascading water feature on the far wall was turned off several droughts ago, and I think it’s been permanently removed now. And in case you are wondering: the bright-green grass is fake.

Inside, there are six food counters: Dai Due, Easy Tiger, Komé, Henbit, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, and Contigo. These establishments are known for their innovative and fresh food at their brick-and-mortar locations (except for Henbit, which is unique to Fareground). Actually, I just ate at Komé on Airport Boulevard yesterday.

One of the counters, Dai Due, was closed. I later read that they were swamped during last weekend’s grand opening and ran out of locally-sourced meat. The chef is off looking for more feral hogs.

Fareground is surrounded by downtown office buildings and hotels. With good, local food and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, this place will quickly become very popular with tourists and the downtown lunch crowd.

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