Barton Springs Food Trailers


Last evening Bill and I had almost reached our dinner destination, Chuy’s, when we realized that the trailers at the much-anticipated trailer park on Barton Springs Road were actually serving food. As much as we love Chuy’s, we just couldn’t resist a cones-and-cupcakes supper.

My online investigation isn’t coming up with any facts, but the place might be named “The Picnic” and Friday might have been the opening day. The park has about eight food trailers, a covered eating area, and some limited parking. Many of the trailers had previously been on South Congress. There are lots of reasons to love this new food trailer court…


The Turf N Surf Po’ Boy trailer has reappeared!


We again have a Mighty Cone closer than 25th Street!


Real bathrooms plus an ATM!


First sighting of the Hey Cupcake!Coolhaus collaboration…with free samples!


Celebratory cupcakes!

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