The Driskill, Decorated


If you are visiting downtown Austin in the next few weeks, I’d recommend a quick visit to The Driskill. A special attraction this year is a gingerbread replica of the hotel itself. Gingerbread and icing are quite compatible with the tan and white exterior of this historic hotel. The gingerbread hotel is also decorated with wreaths, poinsettias, and a huge Christmas tree inside.


As usual, this Sixth Street hotel is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season with evergreen garlands and white lights. In the center of the lobby, under the stained glass ceiling, a huge tree is beautifully decorated with large green and metallic ornaments. It’s a slight departure from the locally-themed trees of the past few years, but is currently the top contender for my O Christmas Tree Favorite of 2013.

Stay tuned for the final results in an upcoming entry…

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