Trailers and More Trailers

As Austinites already know, food trailers are very popular here. The first Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival was held Saturday at Auditorium Shores across the lake from our apartment. We headed across the bridge to eat a late lunch there. 

 We made a quick loop around the grounds and picked the trailer with the shortest line (well, almost… I vetoed Man Bites Dog). So Turf N Surf Po Boy it was. 

The twenty-minute wait (and this was a short line!) was plenty of time for Bill to decide on the shrimp po’ boy and for me to pick the mango-pulled pork wrap. Both were very, very good. We consulted our Trailer Food Dairies guide to find out where this trailer is usually located. Hmmm…Second Street and Congress Avenue…just one block away from our apartment! Obviously we haven’t spent much time downtown yet. 

The Gypsy Picnic was getting too crowded so we didn’t linger. Several friends said they tried to go later in the afternoon but gave up. Here’s what the grounds looked like around 1 PM…and it only got worse as the day went on. According to the Austin American-Statesman, the organizers were surprised by the high turn-out and some trailers ran out of food. 

After lunch, Bill and I headed back across the bridge to Second Street to check out Barkitecture. (  Dog-related activities were underway, including a silent auction of designer doghouses to benefit local animal organizations. Since we had just been eating trailer food, these doggy trailers caught our eye:

So now I have two items on my downtown To Do list:
1. Try nearby food trailers.

2. Take a photo of that bulldog in the baby stroller who lives in our building.

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