SXSW: March 16 2019

Saturday was my last day at SXSW 2019. Bill and I started our morning with cinnamon rolls from Upper Crust Bakery, thoughtfully delivered to downtown Royal Blue Grocery stores. (Yes, this treat alone can make for a Happy SXSW.) On Saturday, I watched one more excellent documentary, visited the Flatstock poster show, and fit in as much music as possible. A few SXSW events continue into Sunday, such as Gaming and the Music Closing Party. Bill always goes to the Sunday BBQ and softball tournament, but nine days of SXSW are enough for me!

Amazing Grace

Aretha Franklin’s highest selling album, Amazing Grace, is also still the highest-selling live gospel music album of all time. Footage of this 1972 concert was directed by Sydney Pollack, but it’s a long story about why the accompanying movie was delayed for so long. Watching a 29-year-old Aretha was both mesmerizing and powerful. Make sure to add this documentary to your must-see list when it is released later this spring.

Flatstock 69

I always enjoy browsing the Flatstock 69 music poster show at SXSW. There’s such a variety of different artistic styles, and it’s fun to search for posters for shows that we’ve attended over the years.


Penelope Isles International

Big Phony


The Small Glories


Curtis McCurtry

Mother Falcon

Illiterate Light

Collapsing Stars

Collectif Medz Bazar


Gina Chavez

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