SXSW 2016: The Weird and the Cool


Now that I’ve recovered, it’s time for a final entry about SXSW 2016. For me, this year’s highlight was seeing Evan Smith’s interview with President Obama. I also enjoyed the Interactive sessions with Jimmy Wales, Ken Burns, Brené Brown, and Gretchen Rubin. My favorite films—all documentaries—were The American Epic Sessions, Tower, and Starving the Beast. I only saw a small sample of the 2,200 bands that were in town, but the most memorable performances were by Lucius, Sarah Jarosz, Jake Bugg, Fantastic Negrito, and Iggy Pop/Josh Homme. Here’s some of the other interesting things that I saw at the SXSW exhibitions (Create, Trade Show, Music Gear Expo, Gaming Expo) and around downtown:

The Latest in Tech…


Virtual Reality was huge this year. The gaming VR exhibits had long lines. Instead, I tried out a VR headset at the Norway booth: a peaceful trip through a fjord with a 360° view of the water surrounded by verdant mountain ridges.


These URB-E foldable electric scooters were everywhere.


Robots were everywhere, too. This one played Rock-Paper-Scissors.


SeeMore from Virginia Tech: “This living sculpture showcases the inherent beauty of parallel algorithms through the correlating movements of an animatronic 256-node Raspberry Pi computer cluster.”


Micro Drone 3.0: “Flight in the palm of your hand.”


Pechat: “Let your stuffed animals chat.”

Cool music stuff…


MaKey MaKey Banana Piano: “Turn everyday objects into touchpads.”


Bud Light Bottle Organ: “Hand Crafted MIDI Capable Organ With Tuned Glass Bottles!”


660 Guitars: “Introducing an indestructible new sound.”


AirJamz: “A wristband that turns air guitar into wear guitar. It’s like karaoke for frustrated guitarists. Coming soon to wrists near you.”


JamStik: “Works with your devices and our apps to teach you guitar.”

Out and about…


Promo for a new TV show called Preacher: “A conflicted preacher in a small Texas town who is inhabited by a mysterious entity that allows him to develop a highly unconventional power.”


The Casper Nap Tour: “A nap on wheels.”


Piñatagram: “Order a Piñatagram filled with a personalized message and candy. Shipped naked…without a box.”

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