Random Acts of Bubbles

Bill and I were ready for Saturday morning’s flash mob, cleverly named Random Acts of Bubbles. On the previous evening, we even made a special trip to CVS to purchase  containers of Miracle Bubbles.
Bubble Blowing commenced at 11:15 AM on the Congress Avenue Bridge. We were instructed to not interrupt oncoming traffic, so everyone obediently faced the lake. But the  wind was blowing toward us so we all gave up and turned around to face the roadway. Drivers will slow down when they see a hundred Bubble Blowers on a bridge.
Most flash mobbers were Bubble Blowing Machines but Bill and I struggled with our Less Than Miracle Bubbles. Next time we’re investing in a more-efficient Big Bubble Wand.
In true flash-mob fashion, the crowd scattered after ten minutes.

And so ended Random Acts of Bubbles. 

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