Not Your Typical August


During August, everyone wants to leave Central Texas for good reason: it’s just too doggone hot. Like many other Austinites, I went out of town for much of the month. When I left in early August, daytime highs were around 100°F. So I was very glad to return home last week to much cooler, rainy weather.


The Long Center Terrace can be uncomfortably hot for the Austin Symphony Hartman Concerts in the Park on Sunday evenings. But afternoon showers kept the temperatures cool at last week’s Woodwinds concert.


Rain showers rolled through downtown on Monday morning, creating a double rainbow that framed The Long Center. The impressive rainbows only lasted a few minutes before the clouds continued westward.


Even on rainy days, Auditorium Shores continues to be a popular Pokéstop (aka Charmander Bay) for Pokémon Go.


With all the clouds around, sunsets have been spectacular during the past week.


Everyone’s been talking about this unusual weather pattern. I’ve lived in Austin for 20 years and don’t remember having this much rain in August. Friends who have lived here even longer say the same thing. Hey, we aren’t complaining!

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