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Austin is hosting the Summer X Games this weekend. Most of the action is east of downtown at the Circuit of the Americas race track, where the F1 race will be held in November. But the games kicked off on Thursday evening with free events on Congress Avenue in front of the Texas State Capitol. This was the same location as last June’s X Games Rally that secured Austin’s bid to host the X Games for the next four years.


Bill and I checked out the preparations on Wednesday evening. Workers were still positioning lighting poles and adjusting the sound system and jumbo TV screens. The giant half-pipe was already set up and skateboarders and BMX bikers were testing it out. Some film crews were around, but I don’t think anyone famous was there. While I watched from the sidelines, my VIP-wannabe husband Bill walked right past the barriers to snap the impressive photo at the top of this entry. (Just giving credit where credit is due here.)


The free Thursday evening events started with a demonstration by Tony Hawk and Friends followed by the BMX Vert and Skateboard Vert competitions. Unfortunately, I had a conflicting commitment and didn’t arrive up at the Capitol until after 9 PM. After reading about yesterday’s “dazzling” show, I am a disappointed Tony Hawk fan today.


Although I missed Tony and the BMX Vert, I did see the end of the Skateboard Vert. I suspect the crowds had thinned out a little, but there were still several thousand spectators watching on Congress Avenue. Since half-pipes naturally limit the viewing area, many people sat on the Capitol lawn to watch the jumbo screen up there. A 20-year-old, Jimmy Wilkins, beat out veteran skaters for the Vert gold medal.

Let the X Games begin!


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