Game Day: 2016


After several dismal seasons, the University of Texas Longhorns football team is looking much better this year. After they won an exciting season opener against Notre Dame (50-47), Bill and I decided to get tickets to the second home game against UT-El Paso.


Our tickets included access to two hospitality areas, so we arrived early to check out each location. The Champions Club was located in the Bass Concert Hall lobbies–all six floors of them. The Longhorn Corral Club was under the covered bubble on top of the UT Athletics Center. Both places were fairly crowded. Food and drinks were available for purchase. And what were most fans doing prior to the game? Watching other football games, of course!


A few celebrities were at the game. Former UT players Vince Young and Ricky Williams were in the Longhorn Network broadcast booth. Basketball star Kevin Durant watched the game from the sideline below our seats. The jumbotron showed alum Matthew McConaughey in a luxury suite somewhere.


Two skydivers landed on the field in front of our seats before the game started. The evening’s weather was perfect: clear and calm, with temperatures around 85°.

The always-impressive Longhorn Marching Band took the field for the pre-game and half-time shows.


There have been some changes over the two years since my last UT football game. Small fireworks are now set off behind the jumbotron during the National Anthem and whenever UT scores. The band has been moved back to the northeastern corner of the stadium. We also have a new mascot. Bevo XV is a cutie—just 19 months-old and only 1100 pounds.


Our seats were on an aisle about 20 rows above the 15 yard line. Ours was an unusually hyperactive row. Some of our row-mates went in and out over a dozen times in just the first half. At one point, no one was sitting in the row except us. UT games involve a lot of up-and-down anyhow, but Bill and I certainly got a workout during this one.


Oh yeah…there was also a football game. UT won: 41-7. Go Horns!

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