Tri CapTex: 2013


About 3,000 athletes competed in the CapTex Triathalon on Memorial Day. This race—renamed the Lifetime Tri CapTex this year—was again centered around Auditorium Shores, closing the First Street and Congress Avenue bridges as well as Cesar Chavez and many downtown streets. The Olympic triathlon distance required a 1.5K swim, 40K bike ride, and 10K run, but there were also shorter Sprint and First Tri distances.

IMG_8453The swim portion of the race was held in Lady Bird Lake. Storms had gone through central Texas just a day before, so “swim at your own risk” signs were posted with warnings about high bacteria levels. The water didn’t look too muddy and was mostly debris-free. (Not carp-free, though.) A friendly volunteer greeted the participants as they filed onto the dock to start their swim.


Biking is the second leg of the triathlon. Riders sped along Cesar Chavez and Congress Avenue and across the First Street Bridge. Some of the turns were tight, especially the U-turn at the end of the bridge, but I didn’t see anyone fall this year.


The run course went up and down Congress Avenue and across Riverside Drive. Hunter Kemper was male winner, finishing in 1:49:09.78 and almost a full minute before the next competitor. Hunter had also won last year’s CapTex. He looks pretty fresh in the photo below, considering that he was just about to cross the finish line in about 50 yards!

IMG_8416 The top female, Alicia Kaye, won with a time of 2:01:00.46. Both Alicia and Hunter were interviewed after the race.

IMG_8432 The CapTex also included the USA Paratriathlon National Championship. Various accommodations are permitted for the paratriathlete categories, including the use of hand-cycles, racing wheelchairs, tandem bikes, and guides. How inspiring it is to watch these athletes who race in spite of their visual and physical impairments!


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