Austin Gorilla Run: 2012

This morning Bill and I enjoyed watching the second annual Austin Gorilla Run. Proceeds from this race benefit the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, which provides veterinary educational training for Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Participants in this 5K race received a gorilla costume as part of the entry fee. Dressing in costume is half the fun (the gorilla suit seems to not count as a costume). The free brunch at Fado Irish Pub is the other half.
Austin organizers were hoping to set the Guiness World Record for “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Gorillas.” The current record is 1061, set at the 2009 Denver Gorilla Run. We have not heard anything official yet, but Bill and I are guessing that the record was broken today. The 2011 Austin race had 800 participants and we thought today’s race had more gorillas than last year. 
Before the race started, the three finalists for Individual Best Costume were called to the stage . . .
Gorilla and Grapes
Guerilla Gorilla
Gorilla Unicyclist (who was dangerously close to the edge of the stage)
. . . followed by the finalists for the Best Group Costume.
Work Gorillas 
Mexican Gorillas
Mardi Gras Gorillas
Here’s some of the other creative costumes . . .
Pirate Gorilla
Another Pirate Gorilla
Gaga Gorilla
Ready for a Night Out
Baby Gorilla
Dian Fossey Fans
Toga Gorillas
The race started about 9:30 AM. Most gorillas walked or ran. Some gorillas biked, some  skated-boarded, and a few unicyled. Two gorillas pogo-sticked. 


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