Austin Pride Parade: 2016


The annual Austin Pride Parade took over downtown on Saturday evening. With the colorful floats, energetic participants, lively music, and twinkling lights, this is definitely the best parade in Austin.


The parade started around 8 PM, but didn’t reach our Fifth Street location for another half-hour. Barriers were set up along the route on Congress Avenue and Fourth Street to contain the crowds. Previous parades had just used yellow hazard tape stretched along the sidewalks, resulting in lots of spectator participation and very little forward progress. This year’s parade seemed to flow better at the beginning, but still backed up as the evening went on.


City and county municipal departments were well-represented in the parade. I waved at Mayor Steve Adler, Police Chief Art Acevedo, and several city council members. US Congressman Lloyd Doggett also rode by.


Once again, Wanda was driving the Cap Metro bus. She’s become a local celebrity in these parades. It’s hard to see her in my photo, but Wanda was decked out for the occasion in a huge pink wig and matching feather boa.


Corporate groups from companies such as Facebook, Google, VISA, and Indeed participated. As in past years, Apple had the largest contingent by far.


I’m guessing at least two thousand Apple marchers were stretched out over several blocks. Their brightly-colored shirts matched their rainbow flags. Accompanied by rolling speakers blaring bouncy music, they danced their way down Congress Avenue.


Numerous religious organizations marched in the parade. As usual, many of the area’s Methodist churches participated.


Travis County Democrats showed their support for Hillary Clinton. I did not see any Donald Trump supporters.


There seemed to be an unusual number of dogs and dog lovers in this year’s parade. Some were in groups sponsored by veterinarians and animal shelters, but many other marchers just brought along their pets. Not all dogs could handle that amount of noise and confusion.


And here’s more evidence that the Pride Parade is the best parade in Austin…





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