Austin Pride Parade: 2013


The 2013 Austin Pride Parade attracted huge crowds as it slowly wound down Congress Avenue and across Fourth Street on Saturday evening. Rainbow-themed flag, balloons, and banners proclaimed this year’s theme, “Love Unites,” throughout this 2+ hour parade.


Contingents from businesses such as Whole Foods and Wells Fargo joined the parade line-up. Every few blocks the group from Facebook stopped to perform a flash dance in the middle of the street. Their energy was contagious, and they quickly had the spectators clapping and dancing too.

IMG_0389Local government organizations including the Austin Police and EMS departments were represented. Even a CapMetro bus drove by. Various non-profit agencies also marched to show their support.


Participants were of all ages, races, and sexual orientation. A number of  religious groups marched, including several hundred—maybe even more—from area Methodist churches. Their inclusive messages, such as “We celebrate God’s love for ALL,” resonated with the crowd.


I remember a few years back when the Pride Parade was held on a Saturday morning. Changing to an evening event was a good idea. The parade is still colorful and lively, but the creative use of lights makes it even more fun. And surprisingly, the parade is still 98% PG-rated!


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