HONK!TX: 2019

This weekend was the annual HONK!TX festival of community street bands. Almost 30 bands participated this year. Many were from Austin, but ten other U.S. cities and two countries (Brazil and El Salvador) were represented. I was able to attend two days: Friday evening at Mueller Lake Park and Saturday afternoon at Hemphill Park. Friday’s picture-perfect weather contributed to big crowds at Mueller. After a mid-morning cold front arrived, Saturday audiences seemed a little smaller than usual. It’s hard to pick from the 19 bands that I heard, but I think my three favorites were Extraordinary Rendition Band, Big Blitz, and Minor Mishap Marching Band.

Blowcomotion – Austin

Rum Velvet – Chicago

Yes Ma’am Brass Band – Austin

Moon Tower Brass Band – Austin

Biohazard Brass Band – Fort Sam Houston

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps – Seattle

Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade – Chicago

Kupira Marimba – Austin

Boss Street Brass Band – Austin

Annie and the Fur Trappers – St. Louis

Extraordinary Rendition Band – Providence

Vibrass Project – El Salvador

Maracatu Texas – Austin

McCallum High School Samba Knights – Austin

Dead Music Capital Band – Austin

Austin Klezmer Band – Austin

MeowNow – Austin

Big Blitz – Pittsburgh

Minor Mishap Marching Band – Austin

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