QuiltCon: 2020

For the third time in seven years, QuiltCon was back at the Austin Convention Center. Presented by The Modern Quilt Guild, QuiltCon is the biggest modern (vs. traditional) quilting show in the world. I had attended the Austin shows in 2013 and 2015. These shows just get better and better each time.

QuiltCon is a four-day extravaganza of workshops, demonstrations, vendor booths, plus a juried quilt show. This year’s event featured two special displays. One was a collection of vintage Amish quilts from Lancaster, PA that were created between 1870 and 1940.

The other special display was called “Quilts of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.” Although this non-quilter didn’t recognize her name, I guessed that Wolfe must be a rock star in the quilting world, and indeed she is. Her quilts were all lovely. My favorites were Farm Girl (above, top) and Conversations Among Friends (above, bottom).

When I visited on Thursday afternoon, Peter R Byrne was being interviewed about his Best in Show quilt titled Starring You. Another of his quilts, Cityscape, also won an overall show prize. Both quilts were quite impressive.

Cityscape – Peter R Byrne (Best Machine Quilting: Frameless Needle Stationary)

I took a lot of photographs on the QuiltCon exhibition floor. For this blog entry, I’ve chosen the First Place winners in each category, plus a few of my personal favorites.

Deportation – Jackie Benedetti (Best Machine Quilting – Framed, Needle Moves)

For the Love of Squircles – Marla Varner (Quilting Excellence)

The Circle Will be Broken – Kathy L Cook (First Place – Small Quilts)

Obamas – Social Justice Sewing Academy (First Place – Youth Group Quilts)

To All the Plants I’ve Killed Before – Emily Watts (First Place – Fabric Challenge)

Pick Up Sticks – Hillary Goodwin (First Place – Piecing)

Timelines – Stephanie Z Ruyle and others (First Place – Group Quilts)

Handloomed – Tara Glastonbury (First Place – Quilting Challenge)

Line Drawing Landscape – Irene Roderick (First Place – Improvisation)

Untitled 2-2019 – Canon Conw xxxx (First Place – Modern Traditionalism)

Angular No. 1 – Audrey Esarey (First Place – Use of Negative Space)

Peach Quilt – Kamala Murali (First Place – Minimalist Design)

In Memoriam: Tamir Rice – Thomas Knauer (Judge’s Choice)

All the Lights Couldn’t Put Out the Dark – Liz Harvatine (First Place – Applique)

There’s Something Between Us – Heidi Parkes (First Place – Handwork)

Paws Up! – Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Homes for the Homeless: Community First Village – Kelly Hogan

Two Halves – Kathy York

Intersections – Rachaeldaisy Dodd

Texas Love – Corinne Sovey

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