Pecan Street Festival: Spring 2014

DSC01664 For two weekends each year, the Pecan Street Festival takes over East Sixth Street (formerly called Pecan Street). Both weekends seem to mark the change in seasons here in central Texas: late September, as the hot summer days are ending, and early May, as spring comes to a close. Many of the same vendors return each time, but I still enjoy browsing their latest wares. At last weekend’s festival I noticed some new vendors, including Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Company. Unlimited soda refills for the price of a silver mug was a popular concept for a hot, sunny weekend.

Now that spring is almost over in Austin, I was thinking about the scorching summer months ahead as I walked among the vendor booths…


You can never have too many pairs of cheap sunglasses.


Sundresses are always cool and stylish to wear.


Hawaiian shirts are cool, but maybe not so stylish.


Tie dye is a popular choice for summer festivals here.


Austin has more than enough sun to power a Solar Hula Girl, Flower, or Dancing Turkey.


Considering the current water restrictions, suburbanites might want to invest in yard art.

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