Fiesta del Grito


On Tuesday evening, Austin’s Mexican-American community celebrated Fiesta del Grito. This annual tradition commemorates the start of Mexico’s war of independence from Spain, which began in 1810 with a call to arms by a Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated the next day, Diez y Seis de Septiembre (September 16).


Bill and I joined a crowd of several thousand people at the Texas State Capitol grounds, where we listened to musical performances by Adriel Favela and the Texas State University Mariachi Ensemble. The evening’s hosts were from Univision, and some of the Austin fiesta was broadcast on that network.


As first-time attendees with limited Spanish skills, we left early, not realizing that we would miss the highlight of the evening: a re-enactment of El Grito, the call for Mexican independence. But, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we can all watch this year’s El Grito on YouTube.

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