Election Night: 2014


Polls for the mid-term elections just closed here at 7 PM CST this evening. It will be quite interesting to see who wins the local races for Austin mayor and City Council seats. Outside of Austin, Texas is a “red” (Republican) state, so those state-wide contests are most likely to be won by Republicans.

The Texas Republican Party is celebrating their anticipated wins at the ACL Moody Theater in downtown Austin tonight. Media trucks and satellite dishes started arriving last evening. In addition to the local news stations, trucks from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and elsewhere are parked outside the W hotel building. I walked around the block earlier and saw at least eight teams getting ready to report for the 6 o’clock evening news.


The Daily Beast has dubbed Austin as “The Most Interesting Place to be Tonight.” Republican candidates including Gregg Abbott (governor) and George P. Bush (Land Commissioner) will be here, and I’ve read that Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, outgoing Governor Rick Perry, and even Jeb Bush, are coming too. So far I’ve seen no sign of these people, unless you count George P.’s bus.


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