Austin Home & Garden Show: 2019

Last weekend I visited the 21st annual Austin Home & Garden Show at the Austin Convention Center. My last show had been over two years ago, so it was certainly past time to catch up on the latest home and garden trends.

I don’t usually buy anything at these shows, but I sure love browsing. Prior to last weekend, my only purchase had been a rubber broom (Squeegee, Sweep and Scrub With The Euro Shine Dutch Rubber Broom, The Ultimate Cleaning Line!). I have only used this thing once, which could explain my shopping history at these events. Before I disclose my big purchase from this year’s show, let me show you a few items that I did not bring home with me:

Softub portable hot tub (flip flops not included)

Gigantic ceramic mushrooms

Pink piggy grill (on wheels!)

Live snakes (yes, I kept my hands away)

Tiki table

25-foot tree

Tiny House (although this was fun to tour)

Best Hummingbird Feeder Ever (*per hummingbird flocks)

This year’s purchase? An air plant.

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