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The final stage of the Auditorium Shores park renovation, the new leash-free area, is nearly completed and should open in the coming weeks. In the meantime, several smaller improvements have been implemented along the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail. For example, a wooden split-rail fence now separates the path from the shoreline of Lady Bird Lake.


Earlier this year, the park’s main lawn area was named Vic Mathias Shores in memory of a long-time CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce. A commemorative plaque has now been installed next to the trail. Maybe this will help us remember the new name?


The water fountains at Auditorium Shores are finally operational. We sorely missed the water jugs that RunTex used to maintain at that same spot. These new fountains—with chilled water!—are much-needed and much-appreciated.


There’s also an automatic spout near the fountains that is perfect for filling water bottles, but not so pleasant for photographers who don’t notice it there.


Directly across the lake, the wooden slats on the Shoal Creek footbridge have finally been replaced. The old boards had warped after the Memorial Day flood and the surface became very uneven. On behalf of all those tripped and fell there: “Thank you, Austin Parks and Rec!”

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