Auditorium Shores Dog Park


The new dog park at Auditorium Shores opened without fanfare last week. In this last phase of the park’s multi-year renovation project, the off-leash area was moved from the eastward Event Lawn to the west side of the park.


The new dog park has three access points with sloping steps for cooling off in Lady Bird Lake. There’s also a small dock which is perfect for running leaps into the water. The Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail splits into three paths through and around the off-leash area to ease congestion and conflict among pedestrians, bikers, and dogs.


Rain gardens near the shoreline are filled with native grasses. These gardens provide additional drainage, reduce flooding impacts, and help to prevent erosion.


The new water fountains include ground-level basins for four-legged friends. Several Scoop the Poop stations are conveniently positioned in the new off-leash area.


Did you notice anything unusual about my photographs? That’s right…there’s no dogs. When I was there, only one dog and owner were frolicking in the new section. However, the old off-leash area at the Event Lawn was packed with people and canines. I’m guessing this happened for two reasons: 1) there’a a convenient, large parking lot next to the Event Lawn, and 2) “Old habits die hard.” We’ll see if the city decides to force everyone to relocate, or if folks naturally migrate to the new dog park over time.


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